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טמפופו - לוגו


Vegetable Egg Rolls 2 pcs
22 NIS ₪
(cabbage & carrot)
Tempura Salmon Fingers
39 NIS ₪
(served with sweet chili sauce)
16 NIS ₪
(steamed soybeans with salt)
Gyoza 4 pcs
29 NIS ₪
(Japanese dumplings filled
with chicken)
16 NIS ₪
Sesame Chicken Schnitzel
32 NIS ₪
Japanese pickled vegetables
14 NIS ₪
(cabbage, carrots, ginger, kohlrabi
with roasted sesame seeds)
58 NIS ₪
salmon-wrapped rice, topped with caviar and quail eggs, served with Silan, cream and tahini)
Fried Calamari
38 NIS ₪
(served with sauce)
Silken Tofu
38 NIS ₪
(cubes of soft tofu with ginger, sesame oil, green onion,
Crunchy Shrimp 6 pcs
42 NIS ₪
(wrapped in fried potato strips)
Cauliflower Tempura
36 NIS ₪
(served with sweet chili sauce)
Crispy Panko Fish
34 NIS ₪
(strips of white fish with panko crust, served with sweet chili sauce)
Panko-Coated Shrimp
34 NIS ₪
(served with sweet chili sauce)


Tuna Avocado Tartare with Tobiko
66 NIS ₪
(mango/kiwi, in season)
Salmon Avocado Tartare
49 NIS ₪
(mango / kiwi, in season)
Spicy Tuna and Salmon Tartare
72 NIS ₪
(served on a bed of rice with caviar, mango/kiwi in season)
Crispy Fish Balls 6 pcs.
69 NIS ₪
(Stuffed with rice, fish selection, tuna/
salmon, silan sauce, cream and tahini)
Spicy Salmon Bites 4 pcs
38 NIS ₪
(spicy salmon cubes with green onion, peanuts,
spicy mayonnaise, wrapped in salmon with
avocado, lemon and Ponzu sauce)
Salmon Tataki 6 pcs
68 NIS ₪
(salmon sashimi with tobiko and green onion in teriyaki sauce)
Chirashi Unagi
88 NIS ₪
(Sushi rice dish, unagi and tobiko)
Chirashi Salmon with Caviar
99 NIS ₪
Chirashi Fish
77 NIS ₪
(sushi rice, fish sashimi, surimi,
tamago, cucumber, shiitake
mushrooms and tobiko)


Sweet & Sour Salad
59 NIS ₪
(crunchy bean noodles, avocado, lettuce,
cilantro, red onion and peanuts with choice
of chicken / shrimp / tofu)
Vegetarian option available
Harosame Salad
49 NIS ₪
(bean noodles with wakame seaweed,
tamago, cucumber and Shiitake
Sashimi Salmon Salad
59 NIS ₪
(red onion, shitake mushrooms, tomatoes and lettuce)
Crispy Salmon Salad
59 NIS ₪
(salmon cubes in panko crust, avocado, shiitake mushrooms,
lettuce and sesame seeds)
Wakame Salad
29 NIS ₪
(wakame seaweed, cucumber, lettuce and sesame seeds)
Tempura Shrimp Salad
59 NIS ₪
(avocado, shiitake mushrooms, lettuce and pomelo/grapes in season)
Crispy Chicken Salad
49 NIS ₪
(chicken tempura, sweet potatoes, red onion and cucumber on a bed of lettuce)


Add to any soup:
Chicken 12 NIS | Beef (3 pcs) 12 NIS | Steamed Shrimp (3 pcs) 15 NIS | Tofu 12 NIS | Steamed Rice Bowl 9 NIS
Ramen Soup (spicy)
42 NIS ₪
(egg noodles, poached egg, stir-fried vegetables, seaweed, green onion)
Ramen Miso Soup
48 NIS ₪
(udon noodles, bamboo shoot, green onion, sprouts, mulard)
Miso Soup
22 NIS ₪
(traditional Japanese soy fish broth soup with green onion, wakame seaweed and tofu)
Agadashi Tofu
34 NIS ₪
(fried tofu, grated green onion, shitake mushroom)
Udon Soup
40 NIS ₪
(udon noodles, tempura flakes, stirfried vegetables, green onion)
Tom Yum
46 NIS ₪
(chicken broth and spicy coconut cream, bean noodles, chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms and fresh basil)


Noodles 42 NIS: Egg Noodles Rice Noodles (Pad Thai:cilantro,lemon, peanuts,gluten-free) Bean Noodles (gluten free) Udon Noodles
Main:Chicken 12 NIS Beef 14 NIS Tofu 12 NIS Salmon 20 NIS Shrimp 22 NIS Cashews 9 NIS Peanuts 6 NIS Broccoli 10 NIS Pineapple 9 NIS
Vegetables: Sprouts Zucchini Carrots White Onion Green Onion
Stir-Fried Rice: 42 NIS
Sauces: House Sauce (chili, soy and teriyaki) | Curry Coconut Cream (spicy) Sate (peanut butter and coconut cream)
Stir-Fried Rice
58 NIS ₪
(rice with scrambled eggs and finely
chopped vegetables – zucchini,
carrot, white and green onion)
Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice
46 NIS ₪
(stir-fried with eggplant, red
pepper and green onion)
Tampopo Noodles
58 NIS ₪
(egg noodles with minced beef,
broccoli, green onion, mushrooms,
fresh basil and mint)
Select your own combination of ingredients:


Crispy Fish Maki
24 NIS ₪
Tuna Maki
29 NIS ₪
Vegetarian Maki | (choose one)
18 NIS ₪
avocado / sweet potato / mushroom /
tomago (egg) / campio (sweet Japanese
pumpkin) / oshinko (Japanese pickled
radish) /carrot / cucumber / green onion
Salmon Maki
24 NIS ₪
(sashimi or cooked)
Rice roll wrapped in Nori seaweed | 8 pcs


Chicken Fotumaki
44 NIS ₪
(chicken, avocado, cucumber)
Tuna Fotumaki
51 NIS ₪
(tuna, avocado, cucumber)
Vegetarian Fotumaki
39 NIS ₪
(sweet potato, carrot, avocado,
Salmon Fotumaki
44 NIS ₪
(sashimi or cooked salmon with avocado and cucumber)
Thick rice roll, wrapped in Nori seaweed | 10 pcs


Linoy Roll
39 NIS ₪
(tofu, avocado, shiitake mushrooms, tamago coated with crunchy sweet potato)
39 NIS ₪
(tamago, fried onion, campio and
cucumber, wrapped with crunchy sweet potato and sesame seeds)
Special vegetarian rolls | 8 pcs


Michael Fotumaki | 10 pcs
56 NIS ₪
(salmon, surimi, cream cheese, caviar)
Halloumi | 8 pcs
37 NIS ₪
(halloumi cheese, salmon,
shiitake mushrooms)
Mozzarella Roll | 8 pcs
36 NIS ₪
(salmon, sweet potato, mozzarella cheese)
Bamba | 8 pcs
34 NIS ₪
(peanut butter, salmon, cucumber)
David Fotumaki | 10 pcs
49 NIS ₪
(salmon, cream cheese, avocado)
Amit Fotumaki | 10 pcs
54 NIS ₪
(salmon, cream cheese)
Natalie Fotumaki | 10 pcs
49 NIS ₪
(shrimp, sweet potato, avocado)


Vegetarian Sandwich
34 NIS ₪
(avocado, cucumber, carrot, sesame coating)
Fried Mozzarella Sandwich
38 NIS ₪
(salmon, sweet potato, mozzarella)
Tuna Sandwich
44 NIS ₪
(tuna, avocado, cucumber, sesame coating)
Salmon Sandwich
38 NIS ₪
(sashimi or cooked salmon, avocado, cucumber, sesame coating)
4 pcs


Vegetarian (choose 3)
32 NIS ₪
(avocado/cucumber/sweet potato/
campio (Japanese pumpkin)/Oshinko
(Japanese pickled radish)/fried onion)
36 NIS ₪
(sashimi or cooked salmon, avocado, cucumber)
Spicy Tuna
42 NIS ₪
(green onion, avocado, cucumber)
Rolls with rice and sesame coating on the outside | 8 pcs.


Soy-Paper Cone with Tuna/ Salmon/Shrimp
36/39 NIS ₪
(avocado, cucumber, green onion)
Unagi Cone (eel)
38 NIS ₪
(sweet potato, avocado, cucumber, green onion)
Vegetarian Cone
22 NIS ₪
(sweet potato, avocado,
cucumber, green onion)
Salmon Cone
26 NIS ₪
(sashimi or cooked salmon, avocado,
cucumber, green onion)
Crispy Fish Cone
31 NIS ₪
(avocado, cucumber, green onion)
Tempura Shrimp Cone
34 NIS ₪
(avocado, cucumber, green onion)
Tuna Cone
33 NIS ₪
(avocado, cucumber, green onion)
1 large cone


36 NIS ₪
(sashimi or cooked)
32 NIS ₪
Spicy Tuna Avocado
43 NIS ₪
46 NIS ₪
34 NIS ₪
Tofu ‘pockets’, made with sweet & soft tofu, filled with rice | 2 pcs (not fried)


Nigiri Tuna
28 NIS ₪
Nigiri Salmon
26 NIS ₪
Nigiri Tamago
20 NIS ₪
Nigiri Avocado
19 NIS ₪
Nigiri White Fish
26 NIS ₪
Nigiri Seared Salmon
29 NIS ₪
(avocado and green onion)
Nigiri Special 8 pcs
83 NIS ₪
1 Nigiri Seared Salmon with melted mozzarella
seaweed wrap | 1 Nigiri Salmon Cream Cheese
1 Nigiri Salmon Avocado | 1 Nigiri Red Tuna with
Green Onion | 1 Nigiri White Fish with Fresh Basil
1 Nigiri Tamago | 1 Nigiri Seared Salmon with
Caviar | 1 Nigiri Seared Tuna with Tobiko
Nigiri Caviar
34 NIS ₪
Nigiri Tobiko
29 NIS ₪
Slice of fish or vegetable, over pressed rice | 2 pcs


Sashimi White Fish
36 NIS ₪
Sashimi Tuna
44 NIS ₪
Sashimi Tamago
19 NIS ₪
Sashimi Salmon
39 NIS ₪
Raw fish slices | 3 pcs


Tampopo Roll
39 NIS ₪
(sashimi or cooked salmon,
cucumber, carrot and chives
wrapped in avocado)
Tuna Tataki
56 NIS ₪
(spicy salmon, avocado and
tobiko, wrapped in seared tuna,
topped with green onion)
Philadelphia Roll
48 NIS ₪
(Philadelphia cream cheese,
cucumber, salmon, avocado,
wrapped in sashimi salmon)
8-Island Roll
74 NIS ₪
(salmon, avocado, cucumber roll,
with spicy tuna, spicy salmon, tobiko
and caviar on top)
Lianne Roll
48 NIS ₪
(salmon, avocado, campio and green
onion, wrapped in avocado and topped
with panko-crusted cream-cheese)
Yin Yang Roll
55 NIS ₪
(tuna, salmon, avocado and
oshinko, coated with crunchy
sweet potato flakes)
Shelley Roll
86 NIS ₪
(cream cheese, avocado and
green onion wrapped in unagi)
Unagi In
56 NIS ₪
(unagi, avocado, cucumber,
green onion)
Unagi Up
68 NIS ₪
(salmon, avocado and
cucumber topped with
unagi and green onion)
Rainbow Roll
46 NIS ₪
(spicy white fish with avocado,
chives and cucumber, wrapped in
tuna, salmon and sea bass)
Peanut Roll
56 NIS ₪
(tuna, avocado, cucumber
wrapped in sliced salmon
and peanuts)
Maria Roll
46 NIS ₪
(salmon, avocado, cucumber,
wrapped with seared salmon)
Waha Roll (sushi without rice)
44 NIS ₪
(tuna, salmon, avocado,
cucumber and Oshinko Japanese
pickled radish)
Vietnamese Roll vegetarian /salmon/crispy fish
Fish 42 NIS/Vegetarian 40 NIS ₪
filling of your choice with vegetables,
bean noodles and peanut butter,
wrapped in rice paper)
Dani Vietnamese Salmon Roll
46 NIS ₪
(cream cheese, lettuce, cucumber,
mint and fresh basil)
Tropicana Roll
48 NIS ₪
(cooked salmon, kiwi
mango in season, wrapped in avocado)
Yana Roll
48 NIS ₪
(salmon sashimi, Philadelphia cream
cheese, crispy onion and avocado,
topped with crunchy sweet potato crisps)
Q Roll
52 NIS ₪
(spicy tuna, avocado and cucumber
with Tobiko and cucumber coating,
wrapped in rice paper)
Three Color Roll
56 NIS ₪
(salmon, avocado and fried
halloumi, topped with green, red
and black tobiko)
Tokyo Roll
49 NIS ₪
(salmon, green onion, cucumber and campio,
wrapped with salmon, avocado and topped
with crunchy sweet potato crisps)
Yotam Roll
44 NIS ₪
(salmon, cream cheese
and tempura flakes)
Sagi Roll
48 NIS ₪
(salmon, avocado and
cucumber, topped with caviar)
Beef Roll
42 NIS ₪
(avocado, cucumber, chunks of
beef in a crisp onion coating)
Inbal Roll
48 NIS ₪
(salmon, cucumber, avocado
and chives, wrapped in avocado,
salmon and shrimp tempura)
Delight (Oneg) Roll
52 NIS ₪
(salmon, avocado and tobiko, wrapped
in crispy onion, seared salmon, sprinkled
with tobiko and chives)
Dror Roll
56 NIS ₪
(shrimp tempura, avocado
and salmon, wrapped in
avocado and caviar)
Fire Roll
55 NIS ₪
(Spicy salmon, avocado and
shiitake mushrooms, wrapped in
red tuna and hot chili pepper)
Italiano Roll
46 NIS ₪
(salmon, avocado, cucumber,
cream cheese and fresh basil,
coated in tobiko)
Katya Roll
42 NIS ₪
(spicy tuna, cucumber
and avocado, rolled in a
wasabi pea wrap)
Dr. Lev Roll
46 NIS ₪
(shrimp tempura, cream
cheese and salmon, wrapped
with crispy onion)
Pop-Keren Roll
42 NIS ₪
(spicy salmon, salmon skin, cream cheese,
green onion and avocado, covered with
crushed wasabi peas and rice crisps)
Hili Roll
68 NIS ₪
(spicy tuna, campio and cucumber,
wrapped in red tuna and topped with
seared salmon cubes)
Ron Roll
48 NIS ₪
(shrimp tempura, cream cheese,
avocado in a red tobiko coating)
Ana Roll
48 NIS ₪
(shrimp tempura, cream cheese
and salmon, coated with tempura
flakes and lemon)
Rony Roll
69 NIS ₪
(salmon, cream cheese, avocado
and cucumber, wrapped in seared
salmon with caviar topping)
Fire & Dragon Roll
46 NIS ₪
(Japanese picante seasoned rice wtih salmon,
cucumber and avocado in a spicy Japanese
sauce, coated with panko crumbs and topped
with green onion & jalapeno peppers)


Hagar | Maki Combo 24 pcs
59 NIS ₪
carrot roll (4 pcs)
“surimi” roll (4 pcs)
sweet potato roll (4 pcs)tuna roll (4pcs)
salmon roll (4 pcs)
avocado roll (4pcs)
Sampo | Snack Combo 16 pcs
49 NIS ₪
Inside-out salmon roll (4pcs)
inside out sweet potato roll (4pcs)
avocado roll (8 pcs)
Ilai | Great Combo 17 pcs
69 NIS ₪
Inside-out spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber & onion (8 pcs)
Salmon and avocado roll (8 pcs)
Salmon cone with cucumber & avocado (1 pc)
Japanese Islands | Fish Combo 17 pcs
73 NIS ₪
tuna roll (4 pcs)
salmon roll (4 pcs)
surimi roll (4 pcs)
salmon nigiri (2 pcs)
tuna nigiri (1 pc)
white Fish Nigiri (1 pc)
tamago Nigiri (1 pc)
Ayala | Traditional Japanese Combo 21 pcs
109 NIS ₪
salmon nigiri (1 pc)
tuna nigiri (1 pc)
white fish nigiri (1 pc)
salmon sashimi (2 pcs)
tuna sashimi (2 pcs)
white fish sashimi (2 pcs)
cucumber roll (4 pcs)
salmon roll (4 pcs)
vegetarian Futomaki (4 pcs)
Kai-Yam | Salmon Cobmo 13 pcs
129 NIS ₪
salmon sashimi (2 pcs), salmon nigiri (2 pcs)
salmon Futomaki with avocado (4 pcs)
sushi Sandwich with avocado and cream cheese (4 pcs)
cone with cucumber, avocado and green onion (1 pc)
Lin | Vegetarian 22 pcs
78 NIS ₪
2 vegetarian cones
cucumber roll (4 pcs)
sweet potato roll (4 pcs)
inside-out roll fried with panko crust, avocado, sweet
potato, campio (sweet japanese pumpkin) – (8 pcs)
sushi ‘sandwich’ with avocado, sweet potato, cream
cheese and fried onion (4 pcs)
Sai Silent Sound | Vegetarian 22 pcs
58 NIS ₪
spicy inside-out roll with avocado,
cucumber and carrot (8 pcs)
tamago Futomaki with campio, avocado, cucumber,
carrot and sweet potato (5 pcs)
avocado and cucumber roll (4 pcs)
sweet potato and campio roll (4 pcs)
Inari tofu ‘pocket’ with oshinko, campio and carrot (1 pc)
Ran Combination 20 pcs
98 NIS ₪
maki tuna roll (8 pcs)
inside-out salmon avocado roll (8 pcs)
tuna Nigiri (2 pcs)
salmon Nigiri (2pcs)
Japanese Eden | 28 pcs
129 NIS ₪
inside-out spicy salmon roll with green
onion, avocado, cucumber (8 pcs),
inside-out salmon roll (fried) with
avocado and sweet potato (8 pcs), spicy
tuna sandwich with avocado and sweet
potato (4 pcs), cooked salmon roll with
cucumber (8 pcs)
Dr. Nissim & Junko | for 2 29 pcs
169 NIS ₪
Inside -out fried salmon roll with avocado and mozzarella (8 pcs)
Inside-out surimi roll with avocado and cucumber (8 pcs)
cooked salmon Futomaki with sweet potato and avocado (5 pcs)
Spicy tuna sandwich with sweet potato and cucumber (4 pcs)
salmon cones with avocado and cucumber (2 pcs)
saolmon Nigiri (2 pcs)
Beloved Ziva | all fried !!! | 23 pcs
77 NIS ₪
vegetarian inside-out roll (8 pcs)
cooked salmon sandwich with mozzarella and
fried sweet potato (4 pcs)
Bamba roll with peanut butter, sweet potato,
cooked salmon (8 pcs)
skewer of fried salmon sushi (3 pcs)
Any cone can be replaced with a Maki roll (8 pcs). No other changes can be made to the combinations


Salmon Pizza
52 NIS ₪
(salmon sashimi, avocado, cucumber, carrot, red
onion, fresh basil and shiitake mushrooms, with
spicy mayonnaise and melted mozzarella on top)
Vegetarian Pizza
52 NIS ₪
(sweet potato 'maki', avocado, cucumber, red
onion, fresh basil and shiitake mushrooms, with
spicy mayonnaise and melted mozzarella on top)
A 'Slice" of Sushi Pizza, prepared on a bed of rice with a Nori crust (no changes can be made to the ingredients)


Inside Out Hotdog
42 NIS ₪
(A "hotdog" on a stick, filled with salmon, mozzarella
and cream cheese, fried with a panko crust. Topped
with melted mozzarella, spicy mayonnaise, spicy
togarashi, chives and Nori strips)
Inside Out Hotdog - vegetarian
39 NIS ₪
(A "hotdog" on a stick, filled with sweet potato,
mozzarella and cream cheese, fried with a panko
crust. Topped with melted mozzarella, spicy
mayonnaise, spicy togarashi, chives and Nori strips)


10 NIS ₪
Matcha Ice - Green Tea Ice Cream
29 NIS ₪
Mango Ball
36 NIS ₪
(half-frozen mango with sweet cream filling )
Chocolate Fudge Cake
29 NIS ₪
(served hot or cold)
Chocolate Souffle
22 NIS ₪
Fried Banana
26 NIS ₪
with maple & chocolate syrup
Sapphire Pearls
22 NIS ₪
Lotus chocolate balls
Sweet Roll
36 NIS ₪
(sweet sticky rice, coconut cream
and banana wrapped in soy
paper )
36 NIS ₪
(sweet rice balls with a variety
of fillings, Japanese specialty
Sweet Nahum Cakes
28 NIS ₪
(chocolate balls)


Cold Drinks
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
18 NIS ₪
Grape/Apple/Lemonade/Grapefruit/Orange Juice
12 NIS ₪
Coca-Cola / Zero
12 NIS ₪
Sprite / Diet Sprite
12 NIS ₪
Malt Beer
12 NIS ₪
Fuze Tea
12 NIS ₪
Soda Water
8 NIS ₪
Mineral Water
8 NIS ₪
Draught Beer
32/42 NIS ₪
Japanese Beer 7% (1/2 or 1/3)
Petrus Aged Red
32/42 NIS ₪
Cherry Beer 8% (1/2 or 1/3)
25/32 NIS ₪
Belgian cherry beer (1/2 or 1/3)
Fizz Cider
25/32 NIS ₪
pear / apple 4.5%
Bottled Beer
Sapporo Japanese Beer (1/3)
25 NIS ₪
Asahi Japanese Beer (1/3)
25 NIS ₪
Leo Thai Beer (1/3)
17 NIS ₪
Goldstar (1/3)
17 NIS ₪
Stella Artois (1/3)
25 NIS ₪
Corona (1/3)
25 NIS ₪
Carlsberg (1/2)
25 NIS ₪
Tuborg (1/2)
25 NIS ₪
Heineken (1/2)
25 NIS ₪
Weihenstephaner (1/2)
25 NIS ₪
Mount Hermon White/Red
26/129 NIS ₪
Blue Nun Gewurztraminer
72 NIS ₪
Yuzu cocktail
29 NIS ₪
Choya cocktail
29 NIS ₪
Gene cocktail
29 NIS ₪
with mint and cucumber (glass)
Hot Drinks
Japanese Tea
14 NIS ₪
8 NIS ₪
14/16 NIS ₪
Cafe Americano
12 NIS ₪
Chilled Sake
52 NIS ₪
Warm Sake
29 NIS ₪
29/86 NIS ₪
Japanese Plum Liqueur
Chivas Regal Whisky
38/48 NIS ₪
Jameson Whisky
29/48 NIS ₪
Black Label Whisky
22/32 NIS ₪
24/31 NIS ₪
19/29 NIS ₪
19/29 NIS ₪
28 NIS ₪